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Aurangabad Heritage Tour

There are very few places the world where you can enjoy culture, history, religion, architecture, art, ecological unique places and UNESCO world Heritage monuments within one geographical area.

You won’t find all such places at one places anywhere in the world except India.

Among few places in India Aurangabad is the most important Historical destination which offers everything unless find proper travel agency.  

Usually tourists from USA ,UK, Europe & Australia to India finish their itinerary with limited places like 

  • Taj Mahal

  • Rajanstan

  • Kerala

  • Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh

  • Hampi

  • Mumbai /Bombay.

Few places like Goa and Pondicherry preferred by French or Portuguese and very significant places are missed which have own cultural taste. 

Among few places must to visit in India, Aurangabad which is very close to Mumbai must be a part of your itinerary in India visit.

We meet many tourists from all over the globe who came to Aurangabad in their second visit to India bcoz they missed it in their last tour.

So spare only 3 days including Transportation for Aurangabad where you can visit UNESCO world heritage sites like Ajanta & Ellora and many more places. 

If you wish you can book your tour to Maharashtra with TravelGreed Tourism to understand the destination in its true sence. With #TravelGreed Tourism you can book package of 2 days 1 Night from Mumbai or 3 days 2 Nights from Delhi and Goa.Package will be including Air Fare / Stay / Transportation and sightseeing.

So if you are traveling to India or on the travel in India you must not skip Aurangabad. If you need any assistance for Aurangabad or Maharashtra feel free to contact us….  No charges for advise.








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