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Little Grand Canyon-Nighoj

Little Grand Canyon of Maharashtra is situated just 90 kilometers away from Pune is one of greatest natural wonder of Maharashtra and India as well. Visited by many geologists of all over the world throughout the year to study the phenomenon of formation of potholes. Almost 1.5 Kilometer of riverbed is made-up of different size of potholes.

Trip to this  rock bed of black and reddish basalt rocks will surly enhance your curiosity towards nature and will force you to travel more in search of diversity of beautiful Maharashtra.

  Geologists indicate that formerly there was greater rainfall in this area and that the Kukadi River flowed out from the highlands with such force that scouring of the bedrock took place and resulted in the formation of these potholes and the gorge.  The same kind of formation in larger scale is there at ” Bhedaghat” in Madhya Pradesh on River Narmanda.

The water flow of Kukadi River is minimum in summer [March to May] which is  best time to visit this Nature’s Gem. There is beautiful bridge and temple of Goddess Malganga on the bank of river.

Travelgreed arrange day trip to this beautiful destination with expert in the subject.

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