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TravelGreed Tourism

Unique tour to Ajanta and Ellora.

With TravelGreed tourism you can get unique experience which you never expected. We learned with experience that only visit to attractions won’t satisfy many travelers. They are interested to know more about local culture, the life around the place, what people eat, what they think about the world, their beliefs and so on. So going close to locals makes traveler fulfilled with their object.

When you travel to Ajanta Caves which are carved during second century BCE to 10th century you always have many questions about the site which can be answered by our tour guide and you can also learn more on internet with Google Guru. But what if you want  to know about “is there impact of such creation on locals ? Do local adopted such art and painting or it is lost in time?” Come on !!! if you are really serious about your journey you will have bundle of questions, is’t it ?

We want you to question us as many as you can. They create more experience that anything else.  

Predefined itinerary is good always but it should be flexible for you if needed. Otherwise why to travel ?? May be you want  getting closer with locals to know more about them. Will you travel again the same place for same question only because your so called itinerary did not allowed you ? No way.

What we mean is when you are on travel to Ajanta and Ellora caves in Aurangabad for minimum 4 days tour you will feel like you lived here for years. That’s what tourism is for us.

For example Mr John who belongs to Canada came to know that cotton is grown around Ajanta and Ellora caves. He want to know what cotton is ? How it grows? which are the plants? And so many.

Mr John will never have cotton in his snowed farms in Canada. But now he is in India and he will love to know about cotton by visiting cotton farm. Is’t it interesting ?

John actually have general question and need not to be questioned buy some expert farm textile industry. Any layman Traveler may ask this question. If you are travelling with touristic travel company then it do not suit their itinerary hence it will be unanswered forever.

Here farm is a example, you may be interested in any other field such as cooking or may be clothing or even may be human rights.

But in travelgreed tourism we try to extend the experience beyond the itinerary. you can visit a local farm as a part of your to experience. You can speak to locals. You can visit rural village and so on.

So whenever you have plan for Ajanta and Ellora Caves at Aurangabad or anywhere in Maharashtra, do travel with TravelGreed Tourism and experience the difference.

You can get free advise about your tour in Maharashtra with no charge from travelgreed tourism.

For any assistance contact us on contact@travelgreed.com or whatsapp on +918999868401

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