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What is best time to Visit Ajanta and Ellora ? Ajanta Ellora in Summer ?

Ajanta and Ellora Caves which are very close to Mumbai can be explored any time during the year. These UNESCO sites are altogether different than any other places in India. All seasons are great to travel here but you have to plan properly if travelling in Summer.

Summer is really hot in most of the parts in India. In central India Summer starts from mid of March and Ends by Mid July.  For some travellers coming from cold weather counties would be difficult to travel during April May and June. But  you can tour in summer, here is some information worth to know

Exploring Ellora Caves : Exploring ellora caves in summer is not a issue at all. If you start early in the morning by 6:00 am you can return to Aurangabad town before heat starts.
How to plan cave visit ?   Ellora caves have three segments. Buddhist to right, Hindu & Kailash temple in center and Jain Caves at Left. Start tour with Buddhist caves, then proceed to Jain Cave complex. To reach jain cave complex you have to take a government bus. After Jain caves spend most and last time in Kailash Temple. In Kailash temple you can manage heat as it is covered with huge cliffs. So visiting Ellora any time in a year is not a problem at all.
How to Plan Ajanta Caves ? Is it possible in Summer ?

Ajanta caves requires about 2 to 3  hours  from Aurangabad.  Once you reach Ajanta  parking stand, you have to go to the Bus to reach main entrance for the cave. From there onward, you start exploring caves. Although Ajanta is in same region but the temperature here reaches to 40C which is unbearable for anyone.

Secondly as the caves are in valley there is less air circulation which make this place very hot. So if you are visiting Ajanta in summer then be prepared. Start your journey as early as possible. Reach cave ticket counter by 9:00 am. Once you reach at cave no 1 then you have a advantage of caves. The caves are really cool and you can take rest and move forward. Don’t spend your time in unfinished caves. Guide will suggest you important caves. Better to visit these specific caves only. Finish caves early and try to return by 11:30 am.

Ajanta & Ellora 2 Day Tour

Is it worth to visit Bibi ka Maqbara and Daulatabad Fort in summer ?

Yes, Both the places have different history and unique architectural beauties.

Bibi ka Maqbara : Another interesting place to visit in Aurangabad is Mini Taj Mahal. As it hardly requires one hour better to visit either in Morning or evening.

Daulatabad Fort : Do not visit fort unless you start early in the morning. As sun is always on your back till you climb to top better start early.  The fort climbing is a proper pathway but it is little tiring. You can complete fort trek in a 3 hours.

Lonar Crater : Visiting Lonar crater in summer is a challenge. Firstly Lonar is located on 4 hour drive from Aurangabad. Secondly the temperature here reach to 41C in summer. Thirdly one has to climb up the crater on return which is again very fatiguing. So ideal strategy is to start early and finish early.

Ajanta Caves Tour with TravelGreed

Beautiful Ajanta Cave. Lord Buddha Mahaparinirwana. guided tour with Travelgreed

Bibi ka Maqbara

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Guided tour to Lonar crater

Visit Lonar lake with travelgreeed Tourism

Lonar Crater Tour

All above destinations are equally important and in #mustseecategory. There are several other places which can also be visited as per travelers interest. Visiting Aurangabad and missing any place is very disappointing. Better to talk to us before you plan. We have all types of tours. You can customize them as per your need. Our guides are highly paid and are expert in the subject.

Also we provide free consultation for tour in Maharashtra. It is your choice to buy our services or go on your own. Not a issue. We are here to help you out. We believe in growing travelling community. Don’t bother, chat with us on +918999868401 or email us on contact@travelgreed.com. Discuss, ask your doubts and then plan your trip.

Cheers !!!

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