1. Shopping & Eating at Aurangabad, Ajanta and Ellora.In India street shopping is a art. If you are travelling around Mumbai  you will find many shopping options.  Today we will discuss about shopping at Aurangabad and Ajanta & Ellora Caves. Let’s know What to Purchase  ? Why to Purchase  ? From Where to Purchase  ? At what rate to Purchase  ? How much to Bargain? Where not to  bargain.

    Aurangabad is a historical city and many ancient traditions art work still exists with local artist.

    Shopping at Aurangabad : One of the most important thing to Buy at Aurangabad is Himaroo Cloth. This is beautiful cloth woven  without machine. Quality of cloth and artwork on it is a consideration for its cost. Even what size of cloth you purchase is also important. If you purchase scarf or long handkerchief the price would be minimum. Definitely for all kind of purchase bargaining is must. If travelling with TravelGreed Tourism, you will be guided by our executive. Art and Handicraft : There are several handmade articles like wooden Buddha , wooden elephant etc which are made up of different kind of wood material. Be careful about the quality of product. Ask TravelGreed Tourism what and from where to buy in Aurangabad.

    Eating at Aurangabad : PAN is a most famous desert in Aurangabad.  It is a beetle leave stuffed with some Indian flavours.  Don’t miss this if you visit Aurangabad. If travelling with TravelGreed Tourism you will be taken to authentic PAN shop. There are all kind of food joints are available in Aurangabad. Most of the joints close at 11:00pm. You can also order online food via mobile apps.

    Shopping at Ajanta and Ellora : Ajanta is very famous for crystal stones. The stones of different size and shapes with natural colourful crystal is speciality of Ajanta. There is several jewellery made up with this stones. The stones are really beautiful and you will love to buy it. Keep in mind this is a mere stone, though attractive don’t pay for diamond. I mean these stones are abandoned around Ajanta hence do bargain from 30% of price offered. Suppose price offered is $ 100 ask for $ 30 and settle at $50 or less.  Be careful about the weight of the article you are buying. It should not trouble you in air travel. If travelling with TravelGreed Tourism, you will be guided by our executive in advance. We can interfere in your deal once begin J.  Similarly in Ellora you can also buy several items made up of stone and jute which you should buy at 40% of price offered or less.

    Eating at Ajanta & Ellora : There is only one restaurant in Ajanta Caves. It is reasonably well maintained but not excellent. The prices are average. Veg and Non Veg food is available. Except beer no alcoholic drink is served. If you want to try Indian food order Thali ( Full Meal.) This is more than sufficient food for one person and you can enjoy many flavours in on Plate. The price is around $3.

    Ellora Caves: There are several options available at Ellora Caves but the best food is served at Hotel Kailash. They serve Veg and Non Veg  food. Alcoholic drinks are available here.  Try Paneer Curry or any less spicy bhaji with Garlic Nan. The rates here are reasonable. (TravelGreed Tourism will take you at this restaurant.)

    Tip :

    1. Check quality first if product is above $50. Don’t risk above $50 If you are not sure about quality.
    2. Generally claim to be handmade items are costly. If it is above $100 buy it from trusted shop only.
    3. Use skill and tactics of ignoring the seller. If he still pursue you, it means he is having huge margin left with him to offer you so go on.
    4. Start Bargaining form 50% of the price offered or less. If visiting big souvenir shop and no price tag is available don’t afraid to bargain.

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