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If you are planning a trip to UNESCO world heritage site Ajanta and Ellora Caves in 2019 then you must read this conversation with destination expert Mr Hrushikesh Palodkar, Director of TravelGreed Tourism.

How much time to spend?

For Ajanta and Ellora caves with nearby attractions 2 full days are sufficient. You can visit Both Caves with Daulatabad Fort and Bibi ka Maqbara in this time comfortably. This is possible if you take a private vehicle to visit the sites. If you choose to visit by public transportation then also it is possible but you have to be very careful about transportation and be ready to sacrifice precious time in public transportation. Considering the flight schedule, there is no current flight connectivity in the morning to Aurangabad. So you have to book at least 2 night stay in Aurangabad. If you travel by train or by road upto Aurangabad then you can make any combinations.

Ideal Itinerary by Flight – Day 1 : Arrival in evening at Aurangabad and overnight stay

Day 2 : Ajanta Caves and overnight stay.

Day 3 : Ellora Caves and other attractions and take evening flight for Mumbai / Delhi.

Do we need to hire a guide to explore caves?

It depends upon the type of tour you are planning. A backpacker can explore each and everything on his own because he spares enough time for every site. Loosing one or two days is not a matter for a backpacker. But if you have limited time then you must hire a guide to explore the caves. You will otherwise understand nothing and it is like visiting a place on social media. So it is advised to book your guided tour and utilize your time.

Which are nearby attractions around Aurangabad, one must visit ?

I would recommend each traveler visiting Ajanta and Ellora that they must visit Lonar Lake. Why ? Because of 1. It is less touristic destination 2.It is a unique destination being Geo-Heritage site 3. Thrill to visit this place which is created 52,000 years ago. 4. Nearby forest at the lake is really awesome and 5. You can see unique architectural temples Lake and around Lonar town.

For me this makes a best deal in all. Please note that a number of visitors to Lonar Lake will grow tremendously in coming years. This is a great opportunity to be a trendsetter. You need one complete day from Aurangabad for Lonar Lake. But it is worth investing, believe me.

How to manage your budget for Ajanta and Ellora with other sites?

I will recommend spending more on guides and sightseeing than spending on stay and purchasing souvenirs. Yes, there are few specialties in Aurangabad but you must think about it. If you look money exchange rate, spending dollars after conversion is very reasonable. All stay options available in Aurangabad.

If you want a systematically guided tour in Aurangabad I will recommend TravelGreed Tourism’s combo tours which are all-inclusive and very reasonable. They do have a good quality of Guides with them which make tour real surprise.

So plan you Aurangabad trip and if any help is needed directly contact Travelgreed Tourism, they will provide free information about tour planning and not compulsory to pay them for any tour.


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