This article is not relevant as on the date as complete India is under #LOCKDOWN to control COVID19 spread. Hence no tours are conducted or scheduled for the time being until further notification in this regard from the government.

The Nobel corona outbreak has emerged as a global threat and it is spreading rapidly all over the globe. Despite the fact that WHO and health ministry made clear about its mortality, fake news, and rumors on social media are killing every economy badly. Yes, it is a terrible time for all of us but fear and panic are making this more hazardous. With personal hygiene and care, we can control the spread of Corona which is an ideal way to deal with this virus.

In this age of rumors and fake news there still many passionate travelers who are on the plan and do not want to disturb their schedule. We welcome such crazy travelers to visit Maharashtra, Ajanta, and Ellora. If you are checking options to travel to Aurangabad we are here and it is 100% safe to travel. We would like to appeal to such a traveler that there is no need to cancel your plan. The panic is bigger than the cause. If you take personal hygiene and if you are sure that you have followed all the rules and regulations made compulsory by the government to protect from Corona, you are welcome to Aurangabad.

Make your plan and let us know how you wanted to make the tour to Maharashtra with Ajanta and Ellora Caves. We will arrange all safe stay and transportation for you considering your safety and current situation. Our guided tours with a subject expert guide will make your visit memorable. There will be only private tours and transportation.

Do not worry and do not panic…Travel to Ajanta and Ellora with TravelGreed Tourism and fight with Corona Panic.

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