About the Destination : The land of world’s oldest civilization, is jeweled with an outstanding mix of countless cultures, numerous religions, distinguished dialects, sacred festivals, countless Historical Monuments, Magnanimous Forts, Mysterious Caves, Fascinating Sculptures and Riveting Paintings, Ravishing Beaches, Mesmerizing Mountains, Gorgeous Valleys, Holy Rivers, Divine Temples and many more exciting things. However, many of these amazing places are still unexplored to people.

Mission Statement : With TravelGreed, we have taken up a mission to spread the beauty of this sacred land to all the travel freaks with its tourism expertise and passion. Travelgreed is for all those explorers regardless of whether they are travel enthusiasts or complete wandering freaks.

Why TravelGreed Tourism : We arrange end to end guided tours to various tourist attractions while ensuring complete safety and comfort. We focus on value of the tour than the cost. We ensure this by assigning excellent guides which give you complete knowledge of the place you are visiting. Travelling with subject expert makes tour informative than mere physical visit to a destination. We have experts of all fields which can be made available as per travelers requirement.

Support : Our team is ready to help you on all aspects right from Flight Booking to Hotel Booking and everything. Our supports starts with first inquiry and continues after you finish tour as well.

Few words from Director : TravelGreed is a professionally managed venture started by a travel greedy “Tax Professional“ with a motive to spread the beauty of unique destinations. I myself love travelling and exploring new places and destinations. We visit place to take complete knowledge and love to share with others in a systematic way. This make my organisation more efficient and knowledgable. India is huge in all aspects and we are working for very important part of India which has lot of history. So Come and join us to explore the beauty of Unexplored India!


Hrushikesh Palodkar

Director & Founder