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With TravelGreed tourism you can get unique experience which you never expected. We learned with experience that only visit to attractions won't satisfy many travelers. They are interested to know more about local culture, the life around the place, what people eat, what they think about the world, their beliefs

Aurangabad region is the heritage capital of Maharashtra Province.There are several destinations around Aurangabad which are #MustSeePlaces and traveler to India must visit. UNESCO world heritage sites, only impact crater in the world, Ancient Paintings, and pilgrimage places such as Shirdi, Shani Shinganapur and Ghrishneshwar and other four Shiv Jyotirlinga are

There are very few places the world where you can enjoy culture, history, religion, architecture, art, ecological unique places and UNESCO world Heritage monuments within one geographical area. You won't find all such places at one places anywhere in the world except India. Among few places in India Aurangabad is the most

Little Grand Canyon of Maharashtra is situated just 90 kilometers away from Pune is one of greatest natural wonder of Maharashtra and India as well. Visited by many geologists of all over the world throughout the year to study the phenomenon of formation of potholes. Almost 1.5 Kilometer of riverbed

Trekking and Adventure Tourism is the best gateway to get relaxed and energize yourself. Monthly atleast one weekend TREK is needed to expand your limits and dailute tension.  Trekkers from Aurangabad unfortunately did not had any open ended trekking group or organizer who will provide end to end services with complete

Just 30 km away from World Famous Ajanta Caves a magnificent construction who’s  tactical Construction and Perfect location justify its uniqueness from all other forts in Maharashtra. One day trip from Aurangabad to this fort is perfect package of trekking for trekkers of all age groups.          

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