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  गौताळा अभयारण्यात मुख्य चार किल्ले आहेत. त्यातला प्रत्येक किल्ला आपले वेगळेपण जपून आहे. त्यामुळे प्रत्येक किल्ला एकदा तरी जरूर पाहण्यासारखा आहे. अंतुरचा किल्ला हा औरंगाबादवरून जरी 114 किलोमीटर अंतरावर असला तरी येथे जाणारा रस्ता अत्यंत खराब आहे त्यामुळे वेळ जास्त लागतो.किल्ल्यापर्यंत जायला तसा रस्ता बनवलेला आहे पण दरवर्षी पावसाने त्याची वाट

Hello !!! Don't you think this is the best time to explore something new ??? Nestled in Gautala Wildlife Sanctuary Antur Fort is an ideal place for a weekend break for Aurangabadkar's. Good fortification is available on the fort. This is an equally interesting fort compared to Pune Mumbai's overcrowded

With TravelGreed tourism you can get unique experience which you never expected. We learned with experience that only visit to attractions won't satisfy many travelers. They are interested to know more about local culture, the life around the place, what people eat, what they think about the world, their beliefs

Aurangabad region is the heritage capital of Maharashtra Province.There are several destinations around Aurangabad which are #MustSeePlaces and traveler to India must visit. UNESCO world heritage sites, only impact crater in the world, Ancient Paintings, and pilgrimage places such as Shirdi, Shani Shinganapur and Ghrishneshwar and other four Shiv Jyotirlinga are

There are very few places the world where you can enjoy culture, history, religion, architecture, art, ecological unique places and UNESCO world Heritage monuments within one geographical area. You won't find all such places at one places anywhere in the world except India. Among few places in India Aurangabad is the most

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